Sunday, April 1, 2012

Seize what you have been given

Yes, that's right. Seize it. Grab onto it and embrace it and make whatever you can that is good and beautiful and right with what you have been handed. Not just seize the moment. Not just seize the day. But seize the life.

Why? Because it's not a dress rehearsal. This is what you have and if you spend moment after moment wishing things were different you are essentially squandering that time. You are squandering those moments. Is your life perfect? Probably not. Can you seize that imperfect life and make the absolute most of it? Most definitely you can.

Jane wishes this and Jane wishes that, just like most everybody else. Jane thinks "oh, if only" as many times as the rest of you, she is sure. But Jane also knows that "oh, if only" gets you absolutely nowhere in terms of progress or happiness or satisfaction. Jane doesn't want to go absolutely nowhere. She wants to grab onto life. She wants to inhale life with a great big gobble of enthusiasm and she wants to seize her joy and her dreams and her possibilities. Oh, yes, seize them and use them to create a life worth living.

We wait for perfection. Truly, it's no surprise that we do, considering how society insists that the next latest and greatest whatever will be coming soon to fulfill our every need. The next gadget. The next car. The next person. We wait, because once that perfection comes our way, THEN we can embrace the moment with enthusiasm. Then we'll be happy. Then we'll be fulfilled.

Only...and maybe you've noticed this...perfection doesn't come. Or if it comes, it doesn't linger because soon there is the next latest and greatest coming along and we all know that it will be what brings us happiness and fulfillment. It's coming soon. We'll wait.

Jane doesn't want to wait. Jane wants to take what she has been given, no matter how imperfect that might seem, and she wants to gallop around shouting "Whoopee! Look what I've got and better yet, look what I'm doing with it!" Oh, yeah, baby. Jane wants to seize what she has been given and spin it into pure gold.

Seize what you have been given. Seize life. If it isn't perfect, learn from it. Take the lessons and the love and let the rest go. And when you do that, you'll be able to open your arms and seize whatever else comes your way.

You can wait for perfection or you can create perfection. You can wait and wonder and wish and watch time slip steadily by. Or you can grab on to what you have been given, you can seize life and you can soar. It's a choice. What's yours?

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